Excellent partner!
isola robotizzata
Robotic island

Excellent partner!

Thanks to the ten-year experience gained in the fields of robotics and technical assistance on multi-brand machine tools, Iron's Technology has given life to a project, unique of its kind, which includes 13 standardized models with 56 configurations of robotized cells' Ready to Use 'intended for the machine tools tending.

Specifically, these are plug and play cells, capable of operating in an integrated manner with the main CNC machinery and of satisfying the automation requests for  main machine tool tending and working processes, significantly reducing labor costs and increasing productivity also for small and medium series.

Making hydraulic cylinders according to the customer's design involves the processing of rather small batches. This, combined with the difficulty of finding technicians with the right skills, led Oleodinamica Forlivese to turn to Iron's Technology: a company founded in Cesena (FC) in 2011 that deals with designing, implementing and maintaining production lines driven by the claim: 'Mech It Easy! '. The focus was on the automation of the interlocking activities of the machines intended for two important processes: those of rod processing and that of cylinder processing. Given the specifications, it was possible to do this by resorting to some of the standard 'Ready to Use' solutions, so as to offer Oleodinamica Forlivese also important additional pluses, including the containment of capex costs, the speed of commissioning, but also the space optimization and extreme flexibility.