Interview for Meccanica News - Mecspe 2022
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Interview for Meccanica News - Mecspe 2022

Our sales executive Gianluca De Giovanni was interviewed by Meccanica News during Mecspe 2022, talking about the potential of “ready to use” robotic island project.

In addition to discussing regarding compatibility with Industry 4.0, we talked about our “ready to-use” robotic islands and all the advantages that they can bring to a company in order to automate main interlocking working processes of machine tools.

The protagonist of this interview is the “ready to use” robotic island AURIGA: showed at the latest MECSPE in the version that exploits the performance of a Yaskawa robot model GP12, with the possibility of installing also a GP25 robot as well, if should be necessary more performance.

Read now the complete interview given to Meccanica News.