The new line of "ready to use" robotic islands
Robotic island
industria 4.0
industry 4.0

The new line of "ready to use" robotic islands

Following the ten-year experience gained in the field of robotics and technical assistance on multi-brand machine tools, Iron's Technology has decided, with a unique and ambitious project, to approach the market by creating and proposing a line of “Ready to Use " robitic cells. In addition to the design and construction of "custom" robotic islands that have allowed Iron's Technology to make itself known on the national market and through which it has learned the needs and requirements of production companies: ease of use, reliability of products, spaces and reduced dimensions, versatility, high technological level, reduced and eco-sustainable consumption, high-level performance and construction components, rapid installation and connectivity with a predisposition for industry 4.0. Iron's Technology has developed a range of 13 models of "ready to use" robotic cells that could combine these characteristics. All the products belonging to the range of "Ready to Use" robotic cells are built with the highest quality components, in order to guarantee reliability and productivity over time, as well as being equipped with dedicated proprietary software, created with the aim of offering a easy to use, complete, repeatable and stable product.