Ready to use standard robotic islands

Iron's Technology “ready to use” robotic islands are designed to automate servicing main tool processes, thus reducing labour costs and increasing productivity.

Equipped with FANUC or YASKAWA robots and Iron's Technology software, the “plug and play” islands are able to operate in an integrated manner with the main CNC machines and, what's more, handle small and medium series.

These solutions provide all the advantages of a complete robotic island, easily programmable and immediately ready for use, in a single piece of equipment. The greatest advantage of the islands is, in fact, their speed of installation, which allows them to be used on any machine tool without the need for special adaptations.


Non-stackable part vertical storage. The two trolleys supplied can accommodate up to 24 pallets each.


Stackable part horizontal storage. Significant autonomy is guaranteed by the pallet rotation system on chain


Non-stackable part vertical storage. The double warehouse makes it a one-of-a-kind solution.


Stackable part horizontal storage with pallet on turntable for maximum space reduction.


Ideal for the storage and handling of smooth shafts or pipes.


The supplied storage accessories make the solution extremely flexible and versatile.


The two supplied trolleys make size change extremely flexible.


One-of-a-kind, it can be place next to any other machine or system. The integrated viewing system can be used to guide the robot or for quality control.


Vertical storage with extensive autonomy. Configurable pallets are the ideal solution for any type of part.


Vertical storage with handling, servicing press bending machine or small sheet machining.


Collaborative solutions. Handling, servicing, deburring, turning, assembly, quality control and much more.