Customer service

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, service in case of breakdown and component regeneration. These are the macro areas of the services offered by Iron's Technology to its customers to guarantee the full “well-being” of their machinery.

Assistenza tecnica

Technical support

Assistance is a central point of Iron's Technology's activities, a service that includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines and systems, whether they are produced by Iron's Technology or multi-brand.

Iron's Technology offers machine tool installation services for the leading manufacturers on the market and, in addition, deals with moving machinery, assembly and electronic assembly for third parties, both in Italy and abroad.

Assistenza tecnica

Scheduled maintenance

Maintenance is better than repair! That's why Iron's Technology offers a scheduled maintenance service that takes into account the condition of the machine and its components, the type of activity and the average daily working hours. Service planning that improves the health of the machinery and extends its life, allowing the company to limit downtime due to component wear and tear.

Assistenza tecnica

Spare part sale

Component regeneration and the sale of spare parts are fundamental services and extend the life of machines and systems to allow for rapid restart in the event of production downtime. Regeneration consists in the complete reconditioning of the part according to the specifications, a process carried out starting from the original construction drawings or through reverse engineering.

There are many areas of intervention: spindle lines, turntables, tool turrets, tool change magazines, magazines and pallet change, telescopic covers for guides, chip conveyors and many others.

Assistenza tecnica

Machine tool and system retrofit

Iron's Technology offers a consultancy service for the purchase and recovery of used machines with consequent mechanical, fluid, electrical, electronic overhaul and software design for the CNC. Depending on the specific situation, machines can be recovered through Revamping or Retrofitting interventions.

Revamping: it is a mechanical re-engineering, meaning a set of operations that can extend the working life of a machine tool. After checking the general performance, the existing systems and components are disassembled and tested. Extraordinary maintenance (or replacement) of the components themselves is then carried out to bring them to a performance level as similar as possible to the original product. Finally, the the machine is adapted to the safety regulations in force.

Retrofitting: it means the replacement of numerical control, motors, drives, measurement systems and electrical parts, therefore it is basically a Revamping with the addition of interventions that introduce new automatisms and modern electronic control systems inside the machine. At the end, the machine is tested as if it were new.